7 ways to use Apple CarPlay on every excursion

7 ways to use Apple CarPlay on every excursion

Did you know there are rumors that Apple is planning to manufacture its own vehicle? It’s true. Tap or click here to see what it might look like. But you don’t have to wait for the Apple Car to take advantage of car technology from the tech giant. You can already incorporate Apple CarPlay into your life.

Apple CarPlay is an incredibly robust system of features and hands-free controls that can help make driving safer. It’s free, aside from the data required to use internet-enabled features like an online map or digital radio. You got it in your pocket. Why not use it to the fullest possible extent?

Here are some valuable tips for Apple CarPlay that anybody can use.

Driving Focus limits the number of notifications you receive while driving — most notably, your texts. Additional settings let you hear text messages via Siri instead, all without taking your eyes off the road.

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When you set up Driving Focus, you can ask Siri to read replies to you, so you don’t have to look at your iPhone. Incoming calls are permitted only when iPhone is connected to CarPlay, a car Bluetooth system, or a hands-free accessory.

How to set up Driving Focus:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and tap Focus.
  • Tap the Add button, then tap Driving.
  • Tap Next, then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your options, like Allowed Notifications.
  • Tap Done.

CarPlay uses Siri voice control, so you can ask for what you want. There are two ways to call up Siri through Apple CarPlay:

  • Do one of the following until Siri beeps:
    • Press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel.
    • Touch and hold the CarPlay Dashboard or CarPlay Home button on a touchscreen displaying CarPlay.
  • Ask Siri a question or to do something. For example, say something like:
    • “Get directions to the nearest coffee shop”
    • “Call Sammy Johnson”
    • “Play more songs like this one”
    • “Show me the map”
    • “What’s my next meeting?”
    • “What’s the weather for today?”
    • “Remind me to pack an umbrella when I get home”

Siri proves to be just as helpful here as ordinarily, and your hands never leave the wheel. You can also ask her for navigation assistance or additional directions, which is always beneficial, especially when cruising solo.

3. Rearrange CarPlay apps using your iPhone

Is there anything more satisfying than cleaning up your apps? The CarPlay UI is no exception, as you can customize your CarPlay display with ease, all through your iPhone. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > General, then tap CarPlay.
  • Select your car. Then tap Customize.
  • Tap the Add button or Delete button to add and remove apps. Tap and drag an app to change the order the apps appear.

If you frequently convene with colleagues out on the town, CarPlay can stand in as the ultimate mobile secretary. Sync your entire schedule with CarPlay, and Siri can handle the rest.

Using the tip above, add the Calendar app to your dashboard display. Your business for the day will be laid clearly out in front of you. Lunch on the run? Done. Siri, where is my 3 p.m. today?

Calendar isn’t the only useful integration that CarPlay is perfect for. There are tons of built-in CarPlay apps like the Weather app, Apple Podcasts, and the Music app. Go with what you love, all completely hands-free.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging apps and parking assistants like SpotHero and ChargePoint are necessities for some. As are food apps like the one for Starbucks if you’re a frequent flyer. Most of what you use off the road can easily be incorporated into the CarPlay ecosystem.

6. Use your vehicle’s built-in controls

CarPlay works with your vehicle’s built-in controls. For example, a touchscreen, rotary knob or touchpad. To learn how to operate your display, see the owner’s guide that came with your vehicle. Here are some helpful tips:

  • To open an app, tap the app on the touchscreen, or turn the rotary knob to select the app, then press the knob.
  • To go to CarPlay Home, tap the Home button on the touchscreen, or turn the rotary knob to select the Home button, then press the knob.
  • To go to CarPlay Dashboard, tap the Dashboard button, or turn the rotary knob to select the Dashboard button, then press the knob.
  • To return to your vehicle’s Home Screen: Select the icon with your vehicle’s logo if it appears on CarPlay Home or, if available, the physical Home button on your radio.
  • To return to a recently used app: tap its icon on the edge of the touchscreen, or turn the rotary knob to the icon, then press the knob.

Those are a few handy tricks you’ll use all the time. You can see more suggestions from Apple here.

Ah, the age-old problem. You can use your iPhone to locate your car quickly in a crowded parking lot through the Maps app. When the device parts ways with your vehicle’s onboard Bluetooth, it drops a pin automatically. Follow the yellow brick road, and you’re on your way.

We’re always looking for ways to stay safe on the road. These Apple CarPlay tips make every trip a smooth and safe one and have a ton to offer people with families or friends to entertain.

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