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4 Reasons to Use a Wireless Charger

Wireless charging has become a standard in high-end and mid-range smartphones and is slowly trickling down to the rest of the market. And it’s not just smartphones; wireless charging is slowly proliferating into other gadgets. While wireless charging is just another way to juice your device, there are some reasons why you should embrace it.

In this article, we look at the four reasons why you should use a wireless charger.

1. No Wear and Tear

You may not know it yet but wear and tear is one of the reasons you’re constantly shopping for charging cables. Naturally, cables wear and tear over time. Heck, even charging ports, too. And good genuine cables don’t come cheap, especially iPhone cables.

Since using frayed cables isn’t an option due to the different risks they pose to your device, a sure-fire way to stay out of this trouble is to get a wireless charger. Unlike with charging cables, you only place your device atop the charging dock, and that’s it.

2. Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

One of the most significant advantages of wireless charging is the ability to charge multiple devices at once. This is all thanks to the ability of certain charging docks to support two or three devices simultaneously.

Such functionality is becoming standard for charging pads and mats where you can charge your smartwatch, wireless earbuds, and smartphone all at once. Check out our picks of the best wireless chargers for Android and iOS for specific recommendations.


3. Less Clutter on Your Office / Work From Home Setup

Wireless is the perfect solution for you if you’re tired of the charging cables cluttering your desk. Instead of charging your different devices with a dedicated cable, you can simultaneously charge several with a single wireless charging pad or mat. And that happens over a single charging cable that connects to your wireless charger.

This is an excellent way to help with cable management, especially if you don’t have that special gift of nicely tucking away your cables. That is not to say that a wireless charger is a silver bullet to achieving a clutter-free environment in your workspace. It’s just the beginning. A wireless charger plus a few cable management tricks should help you achieve your dream clean workspace environment.

4. Convenience

How many times do you charge your device in a day? Probably at least two times in the case of a smartphone, depending on its age. It’s no secret that smartphone batteries have a short life. But since that is a given at the moment, you can at least make the process of juicing up your device less frustrating. And that’s where you’ll appreciate the convenience of wireless chargers.

No more hunting down cables, fiddling with them, and, even worse, in the case of the older micro-USB port, finding the perfect orientation to connect the charging cable. A wireless charger saves you all of this trouble by only requiring you to place your device on the charging stand, mat, or pad.

While wireless charging is not (yet) truly wireless as you would expect from its name, it’s still way more convenient than regular cables. Of course, you still have to connect the charging dock to a power outlet, but that’s nothing compared to the struggle of untangling cables.

It’s Time to Embrace Wireless Charging

If your device has support for wireless charging, it’s high time you embrace it. First, wireless charging has no wear and tear. Additionally, it allows you to charge several devices simultaneously, helps you maintain a clean desk environment, and is very convenient. While it has its downsides, these reasons are good enough for you to switch to the wireless side.

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